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Grand Opening for a Grocery Store

March 20th, 2010 at 08:21 pm

I love grand openings for new stores. I'm usually not around when they open up because something usually occurs around that time to keep me from going.

But today, I made it. Love all of the grand opening sales and the food samplings.

There were very few parking spaces available. I'll write more later on my savings.

Grocery Savings and Deposits

March 16th, 2010 at 06:12 am

My savings for the week were: $43.08, saving 40.3%. These buys come not only from the grocery store but from stores like Walgreen, CVS, etc.

Savings $31.21
Tax saved .06
Manufacture Coupons 6.30
free 5.51

Free items were a large roll of bathroom tissue, Yoplait Greek yogurt, and a 12 oz size of Michael Angelo Lasagna.

I also made a deposit into my $20 challenge account for $8.00, Coupons had totaled $7.54. The .27 was from pennies from my change purse and my husband. I found .02. I also added .11 to round it up to $8.00. These amounts really add up over time.

A good week of savings

March 8th, 2010 at 11:57 am

I went to 4 different stores last week and saved alot.

My purchases should have been: $194.91. In the end, I paid $93.24. I saved 52.6% overall. I will break down my savings. In Fla we don't pay taxes on food like I have seen in other states. Tax savings is the difference between the regular and sale price.

Savings $62.13
Tax Savings 1.28
Manufact. Coupons 18.60
Walgreens Register Rewards 6.00
Free Coupons 13.66

I also had 2 free movies from codes. One was from red box and the other was from the blockbuster kiosks.

I went to Wendy's and had a double stack hamburger a a coffee free.

Stay focused at the cash registers

March 6th, 2010 at 06:49 am

I think that alot of money mistakes occur when you are in a hurry or become distracted. Yeserday, I was focused in two stores but not in the last one.

The first store that I went to was mostly for fruits and vegetables and special advertised sales. I had two coupons. One was for eggs at .50 and the cashier wouldn't take it because she said the eggs were on sale already. The next one was for $1.00 off of Marcal single roll toilet paper. The same cashier said that because it was $1.00 that she couldn't except it. She eventually wrote in on the coupon .99 I had to get a manager to get my .50 back for the eggs.

The next store was for a B1G1 Free item (vitamins)for which I had a couple for $3.00 off on 2. I like the self-checkout registers more because they don't talk back to you. They scan, read the coupon, and deduct it.

The next store was for a beverage that was $3. off plus it had a $2.00 hanger coupon that the cashier didn't deduct. We started talking and I became distracted. Thank goodness that I live less than 1/2 mile away because I went back and retrieved my $2.

What helps me is to have a sheet of paper for each store and the coupons to be used. I have had cashiers not deduct all of the coupons which is why I like the self-check out registers. So, for me I like the plan in front of me and try to stay focused on what I'm doing. Everytime you have to go back to correct a mistake is time, gas, and wear and tear on your car.