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Grocery Store Savings and Great After Xmas Buys

January 25th, 2011 at 01:13 pm

Today was a very good shopping day of savings. Don't be shy about taking back a coupon for items that you forgot about or misread in the sales. I went to Walgreens the other day and paid more for napkins that I had bought and they recognized an in=ad coupon and gave me another package for only a $1. more.

I also took back a coupon for an item that I bought on Sunday and the grocery store gave me the money back (with the receipt of course). I also shopped there today and should have spent $67.57 and spent $28.45. I saved $39.12 on that transaction and that is a savings of around 58%. I had a buy one get one free orange juice coupons and bought chicken B1G1 free package of split chicken breasts. I also bought the snow crab legs at $3.99 a lb instead of 6.99. I also bought fresh headless shrimp for $2.99 a o-lb instead of 6.99. Included was vitamins that I normally buy at a savings at $6.03. I also bought a bottle of nice wine on sale for $3.99. Along with these items was lettuce for .99 and green grapes for $1.91

Another transaction within the same store was for Xmas after sale items. I try never to mix grocery and holiday items on the same ticket. I should have spent $39.44 and I spent $5.24. A savings of $34.19 or 85%. I bought 8 rolls of wrapping paper at .20 each. Each roll is 40 sq ft. Even if you use it to line your shelves; it's a bargain. I also bought 4 humongous Xmas bags to transport gift in for .50 each. I also bought a beautiful box of elegant cards for $1.00 that would have easily cost you $10.00. There were no cards or envelopes missing. I also bought a musical card for .30. In the grocery order above, I also purchased a huge turkey aluminum roasting pan that has the lift out liner. I wanted to buy one at Xmas but couldn't justify spending $8.95 for it. I just bought it today for $2.00. I bought another one on Sunday.

This is a great time to stock up on items like this because the stores are at a point of almost giving the stuff away just to move it out for the new coming in.

More Shopping Savings

April 16th, 2010 at 01:47 pm

Yesterday, I went to Starbuck's with my travel mug and enjoyed a free cup of coffee.

Purchase 1: Today I went to Walgreens and made 3 separate purchases. First, I bought the Schick Hydro Shave Gel for $3.20. That purchase gave me a register reward of $3. on a future purchase.

Purchase 2: Then, I bought 2 Sudafed products that were on sale for $9.98. Each one was for $4.99 and was on sale. I had $4.00 in manufacturer's coupons so, it brought my purchase down to $5.98. I then received a $5. register reward for that purchase.

Purchase 3: I purchased 2 bottles of CLR for $6.99 each. It was a B!G! free product), and another item for 3.34. I took off $3. from the first purchase and $5. from the second purchase and I ended up paying $3.06. On the total purchases above I would have paid $37.06 but ended up spending $12.24. A savings of $24.82.

I then went to Winn Dixie and purchased 2 TGIF (BIGI free) chicken wings boxes for 3.89 , bananas for .66. Dessert Shells for $1.49 and Strawberries for 1.99. I should have spent $13.92 and spent $5.03. I had $3.00 in coupons from TGIF. I saved $8.89.

My total day should have been $50.98 and I spent $17.27. Saving $33.71 or 66%.

Alot of my buys comes going to different websites and someone posting an item that I wouldn't have considere buying. But the extra coupons made it a buy on my list. We all teach one another.

I have found that it's important to take advantage of any new products that are offered free because you won't see them at the same price again. I have been sorry that I didn't buy more. This week it was the shave gel.

The other day Elisabeth shared how she used her CVS coupons that come out of the machine. I would not have thought about useing those coupons for those items. I learned something from her and that't how it goes around here.

Yesterday was a good shopping day

April 15th, 2010 at 01:25 pm

I went shopping at two stores and really saved a lot. I should have spent $48.67 and spent $21.30. I saved $27.28 which is 56% of the bill.

I went to Walgreens and bought the Shave Gel by Schick and paid $3.20 with tax. I received a $3. register rewards. I then bought the Schick razor for $8.55 and I used the $3. register reward making it $5.55. I received a $5. register reward. I then bought grocery item that were on sale and it totaled up to $5. and using the $5. reward and paid nothing. I ended up paying $3.75 for both the gel and the shaver.

I bought a really great doormat that $10.69 and paid $6.41 with tax.

At the supermarket a mistake was made on the salmon that I bought. I brought it to the attention of the seafood person and she gave it to me for the price. The salmon weighed 1.22 lb and it should have been $7.99 and it was accidentally coded for $2.99 a pound. I also bought pearl rice on sale and 2 large cans of pimentos that should have been $3.18. I I paid $1.58. The rice and pimentos are items that I will use to make Chicken and Rice (Spanish style).

Grocery savings last week

March 22nd, 2010 at 01:40 pm

I had really good savings this past week. I should have spent $129.91 and spent $50.97. I saved $78.94 which is a 60.8% savings.

Savings $53.92
Tax .33
Coupons 13.70
Free 3.99
Wags Rewards 7.00

When I put down free, I mean an actual coupon that would give you the item free without having to buy an identical product in order to receive it.

We had a grand opening which had alot of good sales. I also had a free movie from Red Box. Received a rebate check which I mentioned earlier.