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Went Dumpster Diving Today

August 25th, 2010 at 02:30 pm

Well sort of. Before you get sick: I'll explain. Our county gives us large blue recycling bins on wheels that are collected every two weeks.

I had 2 CVS ECB rewards. One was for $5.00 and the other was for $2.50. The last I looked they were no where in my purse. I had been decluttering paper for the last week and a half so I went through everything in my house.

I put my plastic gloves on and went through my recycling bin today. My bin is pretty clean because I put all bottles in tied up recyclable bags and the paper is by itself. Nothing there. I gave up and went inside and went to the website and asked if you can get credit for lost ECB's . NO NO NO So, hold on to them. I finally had decided to give up and just call it a lesson. Way into the afternoon I looked under the couch in my office and saw a white paper ther. Guess what My two ECB's paper clipped together.

The $5. was such a sweet one because a lady in front of me didn't have a CVS card and I lent her mine, and she got the sales and I ended up with $5. ECB. She couldn't usse it because my name was on it and you need a card to redeem it. Relieved that I found it.