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Stay focused at the cash registers

March 6th, 2010 at 06:49 am

I think that alot of money mistakes occur when you are in a hurry or become distracted. Yeserday, I was focused in two stores but not in the last one.

The first store that I went to was mostly for fruits and vegetables and special advertised sales. I had two coupons. One was for eggs at .50 and the cashier wouldn't take it because she said the eggs were on sale already. The next one was for $1.00 off of Marcal single roll toilet paper. The same cashier said that because it was $1.00 that she couldn't except it. She eventually wrote in on the coupon .99 I had to get a manager to get my .50 back for the eggs.

The next store was for a B1G1 Free item (vitamins)for which I had a couple for $3.00 off on 2. I like the self-checkout registers more because they don't talk back to you. They scan, read the coupon, and deduct it.

The next store was for a beverage that was $3. off plus it had a $2.00 hanger coupon that the cashier didn't deduct. We started talking and I became distracted. Thank goodness that I live less than 1/2 mile away because I went back and retrieved my $2.

What helps me is to have a sheet of paper for each store and the coupons to be used. I have had cashiers not deduct all of the coupons which is why I like the self-check out registers. So, for me I like the plan in front of me and try to stay focused on what I'm doing. Everytime you have to go back to correct a mistake is time, gas, and wear and tear on your car.

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