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$'s Thrown Away

March 5th, 2010 at 07:48 pm

I didn't say Why I Save because it is a complex answer for most people. I don't like wasting or losing opportunities to make money even if it's small amounts.

I had read an article from The Wall Street Journal, on Feb 11, 2010 by Brett Arends. The title was "Doing The Math On Coupons". What he said that stayed with me was "money saved coupons come with an added benefit. Unlike money that you earn, it is tax free/ no payroll taxes/ no federal or state income taxes". In my thinking, this is passive income.

Last Saturday I was returning my shopping cart at Walgreens when I saw a coupon in another cart. When I picked it up, it said Walgreens Register Rewards for $1.00 for buying an item from Procter and Gamble. Someone just threw away $1.00. A few days later, I redeemed the coupon from an item that I bought.

That was the day that I decided to start my blog.

A dollar might not sound like much to most people but if I were to ask you to give me a dollar and then start to burn it or throw it away - you would say - HEY WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH MY DOLLAR? That's basically what you are doing when you let coupons lay in a cart or have them and not cash them in.

In future posts. I'll share my own experiences in seeing money thrown away.

5 Responses to “$'s Thrown Away”

  1. baselle Says:

    It's very hard to find a dollar's worth of change on the ground. Look forward to hearing about your coupon strategies.

  2. Homebody Says:

    Used coupons for the first time at CVS this month. I am going to attempt to use some, but mostly for personal care items since we don't eat a lot of processed food or cereal, etc, but we do eat canned tomatoes, beans, etc, so I am keeping my eyes peeled, especially since I am losing my job soon.


  3. yisave Says:

    To baselle: I found 3 pennies in different shopping center lots this week.

    Homebody: I used to shop the most at Walgreens when they had the easy saver rewards. If you receive a Walgreen's Register Reward, it is viewed as a manufacturer's coupon and you can only use one manufacturer's coupon at a time. The only coupon that they will allow extra is their own coupon in the ad. Also, their expiration dates are very short. One yesterday was for only 2 weeks.

    I prefer to shop at CVS because you can use your rewards, plus any other coupons that you have. I don't fuy processed food items either and mostly buy as you say personal care items or seasonal buys.

  4. creditcardfree Says:

    I know this, yet I seem to forget about the coupons I have until after the expiration. Frustrating!

  5. yisave Says:

    creditcardfree: I keep my rewards coupons in an obvious place in my purse. I also have a personal calender that I use for Walgreens or CVS coupons and I also will jot in the date I am to receive a rebate so I can check it. Along with that I keep a file folder for pending items.

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